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Default Re: This must be said: The Wire is overrated

LOL @ all the personal attacks

I guess some of you can't form an objective argument.

Never did I say that the show sucked now did I?

And to Jackass, you have a slight point. But there's been other shows that I've seen that met or surpassed the hype. It's hard not to get impacted by anything none of us are impression less and I always try to detach myself from the hype. If I had seen the Wire without any of the hype I would've said it was a good show highly recommended. Only reason this thread exists is because the hype around it is monumental. Like I stated, a large amount of people online consider it GOAT, which it is not.

But some of the replies only make my case.

Some of you need to work on your predictable comebacks and learn how to make better arguments.
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