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Default Re: Guy starts screaming/yelling at me after we lose a pick up game at gym

Originally Posted by ILLsmak
If you balled for 3 years and nothing happened then it happened once, then I wouldn't worry about it. Especially if he apologized. Maybe he felt closer to you and thus more able to express his disappointment.

I have a complex about people blaming me for shit that isn't my fault, too, but I would let this one go.


I've known him for 3 years but only played ball with him like 30 times. The only reason he apologized was because I stood up to him by saying "F you" to him.

I'm not letting this one go though. Thanks for the advice though. I'm done dealing with these fools. THere's no need for him to apologize and there's no need for me and him to be friends or anything else.
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