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Default Re: Guy on my team starts screaming/yelling at me after we lose a pick up game at gym

Originally Posted by Underballer
not to hijack your thread, but this brings me to a problem i had too lol.

few weeks ago, was playing full court 5 v 5. I was the odd man out within a group of 4 other people. So basically, im kinda the same as u and am pretty quiet and i wont tell my teammates what to do and just play. Pretty much the whole game i barely touched the ball, and whenever i did i scored with it. I was pretty much perfect the whole game, and scored liek 3 times off steals. But my teammates were pretty much ignoring me for some reason, was it because i was quiet?

one play that particular pissed me off was when i got a rebound and i was going for the fast break, and i managed to get through like 4 defenders. Teammates couldnt keep up with me, and it ended up being 1v4, so me being the smart player, decided to back out and set up our offense. Now the part that made me seriously wanna punch someone was when our point guard literally ran up to me and snatched the ball like i was going to lose it or soemthing. that ****in' pissed me off, and i swear if i see that guy again im decking him

but back to my question:

do people think u suck cuz ur quiet, and not assertive in game?

Most guys think I suck because I'm skinny, Asian, and wear glasses. So that's 3 strikes already lol. Yea, I'm not assertive in games either and try to let the game come to me and I am an elite passer like Steve Nash and know how to set up guys and find cutters etc.

So I pass a lot and a lot of these idiots consider "passing" to be a weakness. I have a great jumper and can score in multiple ways and my range is to around 35 or 40 feet (yea crazy range).

Most dudes just disrespect because they think too highly of themselves and are cocky. I get along with a lot of the guys at the gym for the most part because I'm a chill guy and I'm a nice person and I am not a selfish ball hog that takes hero shots. So what's not to like really?

As for your story, those guys didn't pass to u because they probably don't know u and just want to pass to their friends. They are idiots.
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