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Default Playoffs 1st Round wrap up + 2nd Round Preview (2013)

As expected from Premiere league, the first round featured two intensely contested down to the wire matches.

Sky defeats Rameek 6-3

Finding himself in a huge deficit at one point, Sky somehow managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat with some unexpected performances from an unlikely group of players (such as Meyers Leonard, MKG etc.). Rameek must be furious for jinxing himself after declaring that Sky was done; only to lose by 0.04%FG, 1pt (yes, 1 lol), 3stls and 1 TO.. ouch.

DZW defeats Stat 5-4

In another nail biting series, both sides were hit by a slew of injuries/DNP-CD's (LMA, George Hill, Jameer Nelson, Dragic etc.) in what was a tense week from start to finish. Both teams truly did deserve to advance given the respective talent on their teams, but alas luck can only favor one, and this time it happened to be for DZW. Stat can take comfort knowing he did indeed build a team that could have challenged for the championship, who unfortunately just happened to draw the short end of the stick.

Championship playoffs

Pete V Sky

Sky may have been able to navigate through the claws of Rameek, but things will not be the same against the defending champ Pete - the two time champion, has once again built another formidable team that looks like it has its finals birth secured. Sky has done an incredible job this year, but he is the heavy underdog in this matchup, will he be able to perform another miracle?

Predicted winner: Pete

Rich V DZW

Rich, the #1 seed, whom quite a few predict to be champion of this years premiere league, comes into the week a little banged up - however his secured bye week was as clutch as it gets. Had he had to play last week without the services of Noah, Joe Johnson and some games of Al Horford & Lebron, he would have been in a world of trouble. But as is, he is likely seen as the favored with his strong core of players that are now healthy (except maybe Noah).

He faces DZW, who is coming fresh off a difficult victory, although he is currently missing his best player in Aldridge, his recent additions of Uncle Drew & Tyson Chandler gives him not just depth, but high end talent to compete with anyone. This projects to be yet another close week, however, DZW's players are no doubt motivated to bring their A game against an opponent who said he would eliminate this team from entering the postseason. I believe this vengeance factor would be what tips the scales

Predicted winner: DZW

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