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Default How to improve your pullup?

Well, my shooting form (I wish I could post it but my laptop is broken) has been revamped countless times over the years. If I had to choose an NBA player, GOATbrook would be the one who with a similar form. I'm a very good midrange shooter but streaky as hell from deep. My problem is that whenever I pullup, my right hand (I shoot right) feels uncomfortable as hell and it skews with my release and form 80% of the time. It looks ugly as hell and also I don't know how to best use my feet when pulling up. Any tips?

PS: What's weird is that I'm better shooting fadeaways off the dribble to the left or right (not straight backwards) than pull up jumpers. I'm actually pretty consistent with that baseline fade, it's just that the pullup is so much more applicable in game situations and a lot more unpredictable also. When I dribble to the side of either baseline without the basket in my direction, what I'm going to do becomess fairly obvious lol and due to my height (6'1) easily blockable.
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