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Exclamation my comics jeffadventures INSIDEHOOPS


chapter 1 (lerbron maker decision):

chapter 2 (maker deals with devil):

chapter 3 (got safe off topic):

chapter 4 (unban all poster):

chapter 5 (time take back nba forums part I):

chapter 5 (time take back nba forums part II) FINALE:

season 2

chapter 1 (welcome insidehoops)

chapter 2 (EUROHOOPS)

chapter 3 (spannolis vassolis)

chapter 4 (about a damn times)

chapter 5 (end to insidehoops)

old thred was delted becuse i gone out line with a controversiel jokes. i didnt not mean hurt a feelings its is a joke to garry mod to maker a "sex pose" (google garry mode sex pose)

chapter 4 is done but i got maker some change to it so that well come tomorow maybe i think and i well update op with old comic when there ready i got maker a few change and delete comic panel so stay tune for these!! i want finish my comic

here a sneak peaks to chapter 4!!!

[b]also jeff or modertator if your not happey to what i write please send my personel message and i well remove to it but these all a jokes!!!!

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