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i'm gonna have to disagree with you guys; i think zeller is a fantastic pick. i know a lot of people are on the noel train, but i don't think he can contribute much to this team. we drafted by need . if there's one thing the bobcats need it's a low post scorer and zeller has by far the best post game in the draft. i don't remember the last time the bobcats had a big that could iso with his back to the basket and score consistently. okafor was okay at it but zeller's going to be better

on top of that, he's a pretty good defender too and a hustle guy. i think he's a lock for first team all rookie and should be in contention for ROY. maybe i'm overrating the guy but i think he'll be fantastic for us

i don't see the "nerlens noel potential superstar" stuff. i know it's a pretty common opinion but i just really don't see it. he has no post game at all and almost all of his buckets are on putbacks. he has potential to be a legit rim protector but if bismack biyombo fulfills his potential he should be able to fill that role. bottom line is the bobcats need offense, specifically low post offense, and zeller provides that better than any big in the draft

we're all just waiting for wiggins to come to charlotte anyway
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