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Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I like the notion of this profiler lady coming in and already knowing who Dexter is. Looks like she's gonna feed him our "villain" this year. And my guess is Dexter will look into him more, and he won't be what she says he is, and that will wind up somehow allowing him to justify her being a killer and fitting the code, and then he can kill her.

The lady thinks Dexter still follows Harry's code to the book when she says that dexter won't kill her since she doesn't fit his code. We have recently seen Dexter breaking away from Harry's code over and over. That means that it doesn't matter whether she fits the code or not. She will end up dying, and my guess is that Dexter will get caught killing her and disposing her body. That will take apart Dexter and be the end of the series.

Perhaps the people catching him will be Deb and Quinn. This time, Deb will kill Dexter or at least make sure he takes the fall for it. She is distancing herself from Dexter as far as possible so she has no trouble letting her emotions and feelings for Dexter get in the way next time she catches him trying to kill someone.

Quinn is definitely going to be a big part going forward because we saw the focus shift to him significantly in this first episode. That means his role just grew. I have a feeling Deb will catch Quinn and Jamie/Batista's sister having sex, which will make Deb jealous. Quinn will try to appease Deb by developing feelings for her again and sleeping with her again mid-way through the season.. That will be Dexter's downfall
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