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Default Knick just wasting time with Woodson?

Is Woodson a coach that can win a championship? Is that even the goal.

A lazy coach plays 2 pg's together because that is the safest easiest way to coach a team.

Copying George Karl on how to use Carmelo and JR smith. Karl hated those 2 players and spent many years sabatoging them. Both of those players need to be put in position to succeed, but the easy way out is just let them try to play hero ball all the time. Of course they like that- does that mean that what is best for the team?

Phil Jackson would start shumpert/JR/Carmelo/Bargnani/chandler. Why? Because when you play your best players together the rest can learn a role to fit around them. Felton would be great as the primary ball handler/decision maker for the second unit. Jr would be great as not a primary option all the time.

Woodson is either scared or too stupid to coach this team.
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