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Originally Posted by clipse026
You should beat normal difficulty in about 30 hours, maybe less. But It takes about 60+ to beat inferno depending on how lucky you get. If you look at this game as a sequel to Diablo 2, story wise you will absolutely hate it but as an action rpg with a ton of loot it's very fun and has solid combat. They did streamline most of the skills but the console version fixed itemization for the most part. Everything I've crafted or had drop has been way more useful than it was on pc. I could make like 10 straight expensive items on PC and get 0 that were good for my class but so far on PS3 I'd say 75%+ of what I make is good for me which is a nice change.

I never played the PC version, but I hear the drops you get for the console version blow the PC version away. I guess it was because of the lack of an auction house, but every time I play, I get at least 1 legendary item. I've got a ring on that makes a Treasure Goblin appear every 15 minutes, so that helps a lot too. The amount of loot they throw at you makes it a ridiculously addictive game. What level are you at? My Wizard's a 42, and is going to make a sick jump in stats once I can use my level 44 crafted items. I keep on forgetting to add you, I'll send you a request tonight.

As far as playing with players with a big difference in level, I'm not too sure, but I think it depends on the level and difficulty you're on more than anything. When my brother (level 23) plays on the stage I play on, he dies a ton, but gets a lot of experience and I notice a little jump in rare/legendary drops. When I play on his, I get next to no experience and I don't think we've ever gotten a rare drop.
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