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Default Different shooting modes

That good old shooting coach saying - "Don't change your shooting form, instead create more space in order to get your shot off"

Yes - I've been doing this, mostly utilizing picks, stepbacks and cross overs to get my shot off. What benefits me most from using this, is that it allows me to be consistent on my shot and it makes it feel like every shot is entirely the same. The main challenge is that, I have to work so hard on creating space and due to the low elevation of my shot it is sometimes challenging.

But lately, I've been thinking of adding the "two-motion" shooting form in my game. Two-motion shooting form is more of like Kobe/MJ shooting form where there is increased elevation in their shooting jump and they are shooting at the peak of their jump shot, not on the way up like the one I've described previously. Basically the main benefit is not needing that much space to get your shot off due to the increased elevation.

Now my main question is, do you guys have different shooting modes in the game? I am thinking of incorporating these two forms, but the former being my main form and using the latter on "hard drive to the right/left - then suddenly pull up situations". My only worry is that, it might confuse me during the game having two sets of shooting form.
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