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Default Re: Does someone have an extra 48 hour Xbox Live pass I can borrow?

Trying that Bing Rewards thing now.

I can't remember to use it because I naturally type in the chrome bar (which has google as it's default search). So what I did was create a bookmarks folder on my bookmark's bar, and created 30 different with the url. I did 1, 2, 3, etc.. search field goes here&go=&qs=ds&form=QBRE

Then everyday I open a new browser, right click the folder and click open all, and I get all my searches done. Also have the dashboard bookmarked in there because there's a daily specific search for extra points and you can check to make sure they all registered. Takes like 10 seconds.

Works well unless you have a real shitty computer that can't handle that many web page openings. Hopefully the rewards part actually works. Only recently started and have 112 points.
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