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Default Re: 2013 Fall camp/Pre-Season!

And while their games are completely different, the Jazz could have an occasional challenge in defining their roles on the floor. Who is truly the center, and who is the power forward?

Coach Tyrone Corbin avoids the issue by eschewing labels, saying Friday that he sees "two bigs for now."

Itís a short-term luxury, but a long-term consideration for the Jazz of whether the two young big men ó Favors is 22, Kanter 21 ó will share the post for years to come or eventually step on each otherís toes. Favors, generally considered the power forward of the two, is a stronger shot blocker and back-to-the-basket defender, a skill usually required of a center. Corbin described Kanter as "a brute inside."

It's debatable if he's a better back to the basket defender. He's a better help defender.

Some nights, Corbin said, the Jazz could very well start Favors as a center or, depending on matchups, as a power forward.

"Matchups would dictate most of that," Corbin said. "If theyíre in there together, weíll see whatís giving us the best chance. And that could change from game to game."

Offensively, Corbin said, "Derrick can go over the top, Enes can go through you."

The big man rotation this season is better defined than a year ago, when Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap started and played big minutes, reducing the roles of Kanter and Favors ó former lottery picks. This year, Kanter and Favors are both likely to start, while Andris Biedrins, Rudy Gobert and Jeremy Evans make up the bench options.

And while no one is ready to assert the frontcourt is now better, it is certainly different.

Defensively it should be better and if that leads to them pushing the ball and getting more easy baskets at the other end, along with getting back to the Jazz half court offense instead of Al ball, they could be better offensively too.

The Jazz havenít sported athleticism in the frontcourt like they do now in memory.

"Itís helped our competitive nature and gives us the ability to be a little more versatile how we play defensive situations," Corbin said.
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