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Default Re: Kidd suspended 2 games for DUI conviction

it's funny... at ND, many of the commentors are freaking out about the idea of lawrence frank coaching the first two games, as if it's some huge kind of massive setback. but if frank hadn't agreed to come along and hold his hand, kidd never would have applied for the job in the first place. as a rookie HC with limited assistant experience at best he snagged arguably the top assistant coach in the NBA.

i mean... i know people like to hold petty drudges and all, but when it turns in to their personal belief systems, you know they got it bad.

these are generally the same knuckleheads who call kidd a wife-beater and give him hell for calling out sick once with a migraine... when he's with another team. now that he's back with the nets, it's all forgotten, boy.
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