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Default Re: LeBron Faces Significantly Worse Opposition than Kobe/MJ In The Playoffs

Originally Posted by FreezingTsmoove
Significantly worse yet this thread clearly shows Lennon played tougher defenses in the finals......
Nah.. Lebron has played better defenses pre-Finals than Kobe because the east is stacked with scrappy one star teams who are devoid of offensive talent so they compensate with all around contributions in rebounding/defense. Teams like


and then to a lesser extent sixers, bucks, wizards, etc. Good defensive teams but they have little offensive talent and no stars to lead the way how Lebron/Wade can.

Boston is the only worthy eastern opponent Bron has ever really faced that can step to his team both offensively and defensively and they were exiting their primes just as Lebron joined forces in Miami.

Brons Finals competition has been weaker defensively and the two strongest defensive opponents Bron faced, 07 and 13 spurs, are teams Kobe has regularly had huge success against deep in the playoffs(because Kobes style is anti-spur.. pop tries to man up and psych out stars.. thats just a challenege for kobe.. bron not so much).
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