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Default Hey, Thorpe

What's your opinion on game of the year up to this point?
I'm asking you this question because our taste is disturbingly similar (both prefer single player to online, and love ND & R*).

I'm assuming it's between GTA V, TLoU & BioShock: Infinite.
I'm asking you this because perhaps I missed some great single-player games this year and perhaps you can shed some light on the issue.

If those three games are your choices as well, rank them and name 3-4 other games you really enjoyed this year.

I'm assuming since Watch Dogs isn't coming out this year; the only other games that could challenge for GOTY would be Batman Origins and Assassin's Creed: Blackflag. Are there any other games I'm unaware of that's coming out in the Fall of 2013?

Thanks bro.
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