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Default Derrick Rose: Preseason Assessment

HEALTH: He seems healthy in all aspects but the knee will be a concern all year.

CONDITIONING: This is probably his biggest issue right now. As a franchise player he will be required to have upper echelon stamina. He will have to stay healthy to keep his conditioning at a level that will allow us to compete with top teams.

CONFIDENCE: There have been a couple of times where he has looked a little unsure of himself on the court. I have seen him land on his right leg after a jump shot a few times which is not common for a right handed player...most of which land on the left leg. However, his confidence in his 3pt shot and dribble drive are promising.

ATHLETICISM: I have seen quickness, explosiveness, and strength at elite levels. I am waiting to see if he can still jump out the gym when he needs/wants to.

DECISION MAKING: Although he still makes some maddening jump passes I think he is progressing as a team leader and he can run an offense better and with more precision. Our best play is still a Derrick Rose fast break though.

COMMENTS: While I am not as optimistic as the average fan I am pleased. We saw Rose at his best in the pre season and we saw him struggle a bit but he still seemed to have his old knack for helping us win games. I am looking forward to this season--more than any other since Rose's rookie year and look forward to sharing some good memories with you guys!


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