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Default Re: 2013-2014 Bobcats W/L record and commentary

Originally Posted by onewickedlady
Dwight Howard is now a Rocket.

Is he ever. He had more rebounds by himself than the Cats did as a team.

A lot of things were troubling about this game:
1. MKG's shot still looks like something you want to hide from your kids. I like his hustle and defense but it's starting to look like Taylor is the more promising of our SFs.
2. Sessions continues to chuck up lousy shots and doesn't involve his teammates at all. I thought he played way too many minutes.
3. Hendo couldn't hit the side of a barn. His signature 15 ft. turnaround jumper was completely off.

I give Big Al a pass given that he hasn't practiced or played in weeks. I just hope he didn't do any damage to his ankle. I honestly thought he shouldn't have played, but I'm not the coach (obviously ).

Yet even with our problems I was pleased with the Cats overall. Houston is arguably one of the best teams in the West and to go in there and hang tough was encouraging. If we can get our shots to fall and keep up with transition defense for all 4 quarters we're gonna be in a lot of games.

I'll be there tonight. Anyone else going to the home opener?
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