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Default Basketball Diary

Probably been done before, but now I have an office job at work, I find my body is better rested for more basketball.

In this thread I'm going to simply write what I've been doing, working on, recent games (mainly pickup)

Feel free to blog your own games and activities in the realm of basketball.

First post I'll start with a bit of background & perhaps I'll eventually get some vids up.


Height: 5'8 Age: 26
I've been playing ball for about 4-5 years. Not in too good a shape at the moment weighing in approx. 85kg. I'm a combo guard and my real strengths are my ball handling and mid range shooting and passing.
I also have a good feel for pacing of the offense.

Currently trying to start a daily skipping routine to loose a little bit of weight. I'd like to be around 75kg. I suffer from jumpers knee in both knees, and I attribute the weight I'm carrying to that.
Started a daily squat and stretch routine a few weeks ago & it has really helped my knees. Having jumpers knee really slows down my game and greatly effects my defence.

That's it for now. No game tonight, Next day of play is looking like Wednesday. Today being Monday, watching my gf bball tonight & also recording my mates game for him tomorrow night.

Happy Ballin'
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