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Default Melo his future....

If Melo decides to opt out and wants to be free, the Knicks should trade him.

Melo isnt worth Max Money. If he wants Max Money he has shown he isnt that important of a draw, he isnt that important in the locker room, he isnt that important to his teammates on the floor, he isnt the face of the franchise or leader of men. So IMHO he isnt worth the MAX MONEY.

The same way ARod opted out I thought the Yankees should have let him go. He wasnt worth MAX MONEY.

As a former athlete I believe every athlete should get the most money they can get for whatever reason they choose. It really doesnt matter to me get the most you can while you can. I just dont think the TEAM I CHEER for has to pay the money. Not many athletes in sports are worth MAX MONEY.

What say you?
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