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Default Re: Does Anyone Else Get The Feeling

Yeah I will cry if somehow the bobcats got lucky with moving up in the draft on our pick and ended up drafting one of Wiggy / Parker / Randle / Exum / Smart / Embiid / Lavine / Young ...

But yes, I am a little bit sold on Jennings - I think he could be a great piece for us moving forward he obviously has great chemistry with Moose and Dre - putting up 17.5 / 8.5 as a 24 year old... I can see this working long term

But Smith - I can't see this working at all - we need to move him for a complimentry piece for Moose and Dre - someone who can defend and shoot. Batum / Leonard / Deng / Green / Gallinari

I am super happy having a defensive specialist in KCP as our starting 2 moving forward. His offense looked great yesterday 17 points in the first half...
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