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Default Re: To contend, or not to contend?

Originally Posted by Too_Cool
With the state of the east and how great the raps are playing right now, what do ya'll think about going for that 3rd seed?

Going to be very hard to tank and the lowest we would get is 10 even with full on tank, trading Derozan, Lowry and Johnson? If we go for it we can host a playoff game, gain some playoff experience and build a winning culture in the locker room. Who knows, maybe George gets injured for the Pacers or the Heat lose Lebron. They could go to the east final...

Personally, I would still want the tank lol. I want a championship one day and you aren't going to get that without a serious rebuild and good drafting. (unless you're one of the 7 teams that have one a championship over the last 50 years...)

They're not getting a high pick.

Might as well embrace the winning.
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