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Default Re: Is Derozan as good as Bosh was?

Originally Posted by bokes15
In my mind, accomplishments are everything. And 3 playoff wins in 7 years is nothing to call home about.

Little late responding here, but I did want to touch up on this. Bosh's performances in those 3 wins:

He noticeably under performed in 2 of those games. The story of those 3 wins weren't even him as the top performer nor the story of the game, but his wing players (Parker, Ford, and Calderon).

I don't get the hate Bosh's supporting cast gets. They might not have been as talented as the one DeMar currently as, but they were certainly an experienced group that were actually out performing the star player on their team.

Now to be fair, I wouldn't give DeMar the benefit of the doubt if he performed like that as well. But I definitely agree with your statement, that if DeMar and Kyle do take this team further into the playoffs, then they would have done more than Bosh ever did, post season wise. Which to me, means much more.
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