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Default Re: If Melo stays in New York, what should the Bulls plans be?

Originally Posted by Upgrayedd
With Phil Jackson taking over the Knicks it looks like Melo could stay in New York. I think it's a stupid decision on both their parts. They're just a bad fit together. New York should rebuild again and if Melo really wants a shot at winning a championship, the Bulls next season would be perfect for him if D-Rose can come back and stay healthy.

Anyways, if Melo does stay in New York, who should the Bulls go after?

And don't give me any of this "they're fine as it is" crap. They're not. Even with D-Rose at 100%, this team isn't winning a championship. They need that other star like Melo or Kevin Love if they truly want to compete.

No "would be" FA this year besides Melo and Lebron are worth amnestying Boozer for so he stays. The bulls offseason without getting Melo will look somewhat similar to this:

1. Resign DJ Augustin, Hinrich and Fredette.
2. Bring over Mirotic for the MLE which is a little over 5 mill. If he wants 8-10 Mill as some reports suggest keep his azz in europe as we own his draft rights.
3. We will have two 1st round picks probably between 14-20. Draft a Center and a SG/SF(Preferably SF because we need a mobile 6'8/6'9 player).
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