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Default Re: Kobe hinting at retirement again.. / not gonna be a role player

Originally Posted by Force
I sort of lose respect for a player who isn't willing to age and be on the other end of it once their time is over. It's the cycle of the sport and that's how it works. Some ego's can't deal with it though.

I can understand winning it all and then bouncing out on top, but with the money he is still due from the Lakers, Kobe should be talking about playing to win instead of worrying about what his stats will look like when he's older.

That's quite sad. Greats of the past never did that.

Not sure why he is so worried about being something other than the #1 option. He won 4, maybe 5 rings as the 2nd best performer already.

Who said anything about him not playing to win? Have you not been following Kobe for the past 16 years? All he wants to do is win... He is leading the league in scoring, so Im sure he's going to be around putting up 25+ for at least two more seasons. He'll be an old 35 then.

Would you really want to see him stick around the league too long like these guys?

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