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Default Re: Mike Woodson is a joke

Originally Posted by Teanett
there's no well balanced offense anymore because opposing teams do not send help when felton gets around the pick.
there's no more alley oops or open threes. woodson hasnt coutered that.

and do you have any logical explanation why he starts shump at small forward?

All you have to do is play Melo one on one and stop everyone else from scoring really there isnt any reason to double team. Once Melo gets in the post they collapse but no one else can make them pay for it. So your right Woody isnt a great coach never was in general. The issue isnt totally on Woody its the roster architect who should take a greater percentage of the blame. Which leads me to my next point.

Obviously you are completely unaware the Knicks have 2 viable options at PF Melo, Stat and 1 Center Chandler (Kurt Thomas cant move!).

So can you figure out a way to start another player at SF? PF? have a decent 2nd unit? So that would mean starting either White or Copeland.
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