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Default 2010-2011 Second Round Playoffs wrap up + Finals Preview

Welcome to the third and the last installment of the in-depth playoff coverage of Premiere League!

Due to time constraints, there will unfortunately be no analysis for the consolations playoffs this time around

Tian (#9) defeats Stat (#8) 6 to 3

Vapid (#7) defeats Sizz (#11) 6 to 3

Battle for 11th place (Sky V Stro)
Winner: Stro

On the championship playoffs side,

Battle for 5th place (Blife V Mayo)
Winner: Blife

Pete (#5) defeats DZW (#1) 7-2, as expected, although the categories were quite close, Pete convincingly defeats the reigning defending champion of premiere league in DZW. Although the outcome may have indeed been different had DZW fielded a healthy team, make no mistake about it, even if DZW was fully healthy it was at best going to be a very 50/50 match against Pete - which is a testament to his extraordinarily well built team. There is no doubt he has one of the best teams in the league and its not by luck; well done & congratulations are in order for a well deserved finals berth

Truth (#2) defeats BK Worms (#6) 5-3, also as predicted (even if BK thought otherwise ), Truth continues his spectacular rookie season in premiere by marching all the way into the finals. Even though BK gave a very worthy fight and without a doubt made Truth sweat, in the end, his team was just too much for BK to handle. Truth's team has consistently been one of the best this season, he too, is also definitely deserving of a finals berth.

And now onto the final round!

Consolation Playoffs

#8 Stat V #11 Sizz - Battle for 9th place
Predicted winner: Sizz

#7 Vapid V #9 Tian - Battle for Consolations champion
Predicted winner: Tian

Championship playoffs

The battle for THIRD place

#1 DZW


#6 BK Worms

Although these two managers failed to meet their promise to meet in the finals which they made right at the start of the season, these two are long time rivals which dates back to almost 5 years ago when DZW & BK kept clashing against each other in the finals multiple times in different leagues. Many people may not be as amped up fighting for 3rd place, but not these two for sure, both of these managers are blood thirsty for revenge, fueled even further by their frustration of their most recent loss, and is looking to take it out ruthlessly on each other.

With Kevin Love and healthy roleplayers for the first time this postseason for DZW, DZW will show BK why he was the regular season number 1 seeded team - although BK definitely has a good team, it won't be good enough to overcome the superior depth and top end talent DZW has. Sorry Worms, you will be annihilated

Predicted winner: DZW

last but not least...

The battle for FIRST place

#2 Truth


#5 Pete

(lol sorry pete, had to put it for what you did to me this past week no offense taken though!)

Talk about unexpected finalists, and we have two of them this time around - pretty much no one expected them to make it all the way to the grand stage. After all, one of them is rookie, and the other is a 'regular bottom 4 tard' (as Pete likes to call himself lol). But make no mistake about it, both of them have done a marvelous job this year and are worthy legit finalist candidates.

Both of these managers have excellent teams that boasts of strong depth and top end star talent. While on paper this should be a very very close matchup, I'm going to have to go with my darkhorse champion pick which I made at the start of the playoffs in Pete. The reason is two fold: the first is that Pete's team is absolutely on fire while Truth's team seems to be slowly running out of steam - perhaps indirectly attributable to decline in Rondo's real life performance as of late. Although Truth does not have Rondo on his squad, he has a ton of Celtics (in KG, Pierce, Nenad) - as Rondo is the engine of the team, if he doesn't play well, there is no doubt the stats of his teammates will suffer.

Secondly, a major swap of talent. I have reason to suspect there is a collusion between Pete and the head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats Paul Silas - as together, they managed to successfully dupe Truth into dropping Stephen Jackson with false shutdown reports, right into the hands of his opponent, who happens to have the #1 waiver, Pete (coincidence? I think not!). Such a big talent swap rarely ever happens this late into the season, Pete will not let such an unusual advantage gain go to waste - I strongly believe my dark horse pick i.e. Greg the "sandbagger" will take it all the way home.

Thus, predicted winner: Pete

(which side is "Captain Jack" really on?)

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