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Default Re: Denver NUGGETS Winning Streak

Whats crazier is a couple games before this 11 game winning streak they were coming off a 9 game winning streak. Denver opened up with a ridiculous schedule and kept themselves a float and ever since January have been balling as good as anybody sans the Miami Heat. 15 game win streak at home right now.

Very unlikely they touch 18 straight wins tho.

@ Chicago - Obviously can win this but nowhere near as good on the road as they are at home. Feels like they have been alot better on the road than they were at the start of the season tho.

@ OKC - Most likely where the streak ends. OKC is a better team and only have 4 home losses. Denver 30-3 at home, OKC 30-4. After beating them last game, you know they'll show up. If Denver walks away with a win than maybe you start thinking about 17-18 or whatever, but very likely loss.


Two games you should win. Denver has dropped games to some pretty crappy teams tho. Lost to Washington at home and while they are def improved anything can happen. Kings game is as close to a lock as anything, Philly could be dangerous.


Huge test against OKC on the 13th game where the streak could very well end. If they somehow won that game, 14/15 look really good. After that you have a road game against SA who only have 4 losses at home, Brooklyn who have a good team, Utah who have one of the best home teams in the league.

18/19 wins are out of reach at this point, 12 seems like the most likely if you'e a betting man. Maybe you stay hot and rip off 15 wins. That @SA, Brooklyn, @Utah after hypothetically beating the Thunder at home just seems extremely unrealistic to do.
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