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Default Pistons Pick Up a 2nd Round Sleeper: Literally (narcolepsy)

Walter Sharpe had a pretty rough college basketball career. He was shot, he was arrested once, and was academically inelligable for his senior season. According to Michael Rosenberg of the Detroit Free Press, he couldn't even spell his own last name right. But after being diagnosed with narcolepsy and put on medication, supposedly his life has turned around.

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Sharpe spoke freely during a Friday conference call about his narcolepsy, a condition only recently discovered by a sleep study that he underwent at the urging of Alabama-Birmingham coach Mike Davis. And he stopped short of blaming the condition – which hampers his ability to get restful sleep and leads to memory lapses and lack of focus – for all of the blemishes on his college record, which include academic ineligibility, team suspensions for missing meetings and a disorderly conduct charge stemming from a nightclub incident in which he says charges have been dropped.

“I can’t completely blame it on narcolepsy, but it very well could have been,” he said. “I would just say there were some things I could have done better.”

"He's good, man, he's good," Dumars said. "Handles it, shoots it, long and smooth."

Dumars said Sharpe will be a small forward in the NBA, though he was playing out of position at UAB as a power forward.

As for Sharpe's history of off-court trouble-arrested for disorderly conduct, academically ineligible, shot two years ago though it appears he was an innocent victim - Dumars said almost all of it traces to the narcolepsy only recently diagnosed. He said Sharpe is now on medication and that "he says it's changed his life." Dumars said he's talked to "more people in Alabama than I care to remember" and is perfectly convinced Sharpe has a firm grip on his life now.

here's to hoping Joe D has found another second round steal.
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