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Default Re: 2012 Offseason Thread:

#Clippers F Blake Griffin on the offseason: ďI need to improve in a lot of areas. Obviously everyone looks at offense, shooting the basketball, which is something I am going to work on. Also, defensively, just studying the game and watching things and trying to improve in every area. There is tons of room for improvement, so I have a little work to do this summer. Ē

#Clippers G Nick Young: ď[I want to] just get better in all areas. Iím still a free agent. You never know what happens. I donít want to go anywhere. I love this playoff atmosphere. Itís great to walk around the city and keep your head held high, and the fans see how hard we worked. I admit this year was crazy. We made it to the second round and had a chance to complete the impossible.Ē

#Clippers G Chris Paul on next season: ďWe are going to come back next season ready to go. I have never been one of those people who believes you have to take stepping stones to get to the next level. I think itís great that our team got a little taste of the playoffs. I think coming into camp next year we are going to expect more, a lot more. Itís going to be a big summer for all of us. I need to get better. Everybody has to get better.Ē

#Clippers G Chris Paul on his first season in LA: "We had a good season. I think itís a good sign for our team that there is no moral victory. Itís not like, oh we made it to the playoffs, itís all good and well. We feel like we should have still been playing. We are going to keep working. We have some work to do. Obviously we have to get better because thatís a good team we lost to. Credit goes to San Antonio. They played an awesome series, but no question, we are going to get to work."

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