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Default Re: Kevin Durant (1x MVP, 2 rings, 2x FMVP) vs Kawhi Leonard (2 rings, 2x FMVP, 2x DPOY)

Lebron fans got themselves into a bind

Lebron best an injured and KD less Warriors and they all cheered

In their efforts to discredit KD there was the “KD joined a 73 win team” (while ignoring that the warriors had to gut half of their roster in order to take him on. Losing key depth.

Now Leonard has beaten the injured and KD less Warriors with less help and in more convincing fashion than LeBron....

The LeBron fans now say it’s because the Warriors have no depth....Very interesting considering all talks of depth went out the window during the 17 and 18 stompfests while we heard “it’s not fair, KD joined a 73 win team”

19 is a more legit ring than 16.

All bullshit aside

Leonard is better than KD and Leonard could give Lebron a run for his money
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