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Originally Posted by final.wrath
1) He wants to be the worlds first sports billionaire. Rumor has it special clauses in his Nike Contract will increase his salary by FAR if he moves to a big market. It makes sense... Nike's product gets more exposure.
2) His relationship with Jay Z. Jay Z has introduced him into some of the business elites of the world. You have to consider the strong possibility Lebron has been introduced into the Rockafella family because of his closeness to Jay Z. The Two Kings Dinner for example.

He also wants to win a championship. Your response is so f'ed up on several levels. you obviously know nothing of finances.

You're implying that his quest to become a billionaire is a direct connection to his basketball career, and defeating yourself at your own game.

It does Lebron no good to make more money with his Nike contract if he loses money on all his other contracts because he's playing for losing teams and his marketing value goes down.

Legacy's are built on winning, period. Michael Jordan didn't make all his endorsement money just because he could dunk. If that was the case, Harold Miner would have had more than just his one Nike contract that fizzled.

And Lebron's name can't get any bigger in the world of basketball, so whatever contacts he's making now, are interested in him because of where he is now and what he's accomplishing now. Moving to Brooklyn isn't going to change that.

Lebron showed he's all about money when he refused to make a stand on Darfur.

Do you know how f'ing ridiculous you sound?

Darfur? Name one big named superstar athlete that gives a f*ck about Darfur?

Ira Newble? Big name there.

Can you even tell me where Darfur is without looking at a map or googling it?

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