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Default Re: MLB The Show 14 (PS4)

Originally Posted by shortsoptional
First time I've played any of The Show games... I've really enjoyed it so far. Started Road To The's not storyline driven like 2k, but it's been pretty fun so far. Graphics are amazing. I have started on beginners mode and hitting and pitching is pretty easy to pickup... it's fielding where i'll need some time to figure things out. But you can pitch and hit right away.

I've only played about 3 hours so far, so it' hard to give a definitive answer, but so far it looks to be real fun.

However, I still haven't played online yet, and I hear that's pretty choppy. So depending on how important that is to you, you may want to look in to that. I pretty much play by myself most of the time, so it's not a huge factor for me.

Also, load times are (like a lot of reviews have stated) a bit much, but these are things I can live with. I bought a physical copy in case I stop playing it once Watch Dogs comes out so I can recoup a bit of money, but I may keep it through the next MLB The Show as long as I can keep updating the roster.

Hope that helps...
Sounds good. I think I am more intrigued by next gen The Show than I was for next gen 2K14. The Show seems to be sticking to how NBA 2K used to do business, with authenticity, realism, and simulation as their base. 2K's MyPlayer storylines, virtual currency payments, and MyTeam/Online overlording has been depressing. I am hopeful they can learn a thing or two from The Show as to how to have many options exist without sacrificing a game's realism, customization and freedom.
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