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Default Things Kobe-haters say

EDIT: It seems that a total of 3 poster & 1 mod were smart enough to take this as a "anti Kobe" thread. Sadly goes to show how spot on i was with my impersonation of the Kobe haters...

Let's start with his 5 rings..

Who'd he play against to get his first 3 rings you may ask? The Nets & Pacers, you say? Nah, doesn't count those teams were weak & Shaq CARRIED this scrub to each title.

Although i can't explain why Shaq was un able to win a ring with his previous teams or before Kobe became a "legit" all star, or why Kobe won more rings w/o Shaw than Shaq did w/o Kobe.

Must be that Shaq stole the 4 leaf clover while he was in LA that Kobe carries around in his pockets!

Champion in 09, nikka please he was carried by his bigs, Bynum a.k.a. baby Shaq puttin up 6 & 4 (

Let's not forget Gasol, the real 09 & 10 FMVP's puttin up 18 & 10.

Thats a COMBINED 24 & 14 per game from his 2 DOMINATE bigs. So nope that ring doesn't count.

2010? Once again nikka please did you see Gasol hitting all of those clutch shots in the WCF?

Carried by his DOMINATE bigs once again, Bynum BEASTED & put up 9 & 7.

So nah, that ring doesn't count either.

Although, i can't find a logical reason for why Pau Gasol never won a playoff game as the #1 option of a team.

08 MVP? Please CP3 was robbed.

A 35ppg season? ANY Player could do that if they took enough shots OBVIOUSLY.

Bottom line, Kobe sucks this dude has a career of lucking out & winning championships, while he rides the coat tails of other big men.

All those 1st team all defensive selections? Please the coach's that vote on that have NO idea what their talking about.

Trust me i know what i'm talking about, i catch at least 10 games each year.

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