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Default Re: Anyone play RUST?

Originally Posted by senelcoolidge
I haven't tried Ark. Is it better in your opinion? I've heard it's not as good as RUST.
Yeah, it's so much better than Rust but that's because I've enjoyed Ark more than Rust. It's very time consuming though. The PVP is really nice when you factor in dinosaurs. Rex's, bronto's, turtles etc with great saddles are used to tank turret ammos. Flyers like pteranodons are used to suicide bomb to an enemy base if you strap it with a C4 (turrets can't detect its movement if the ptera's fast enough).

Taking a year break from it just because i'm so mentally exhausted from the game with all the year long grinding from playing private servers. lol but i'm missing the game already.

I recommend playing it with friends or finding experienced tribes/players to play with.
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