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Default Re: The Killing [AMC] is the best show on TV period

I have a Non Spoiler guess as to what's going on with Seward. I put it in white (not a spoiler, just my own guess...but might not want to read it anyway.)

I think Seward is actually protecting his son. Although not sure of details of that murder, but I think the son might have committed the murder and killed his mom. And Seward tried to cover it up by making it look like previous murders that had taken place of a seriel killer. But as it turned out, they pinned Seward for all the murders. So he's "playing" the part of the seriel killer to protect his son. But as you see, now he's becoming conflicted about it.....The real seriel killer is still out there and was never caught in the first place.

Just a guess....
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