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23) Indiana Pacers:
What I think will happen: Kenny Khaji - The first team we’ve seen that’s still playing, which is a pretty good sign that they’re pretty good. And most of their lineup is set for next year, with depth behind it. Hibbert and Mahimi with Hansbourough and Miles Plumlee. Stevensen and George with Gerald Green, and hopefully a healthy Danny Granger to make the rotation really tough. George Hill at PG, but not much behind it, but backup PGs can be gotten. The really valuable piece they could lose is David West. And frankly at his age, it may be nice to find him some help even if you do re-sign him. We covered the better PFs before. Mitchell is almost all physical potential. Jean-Charles is limited upside. And Leslie is the combo guy. During the combine we’ve seen Kenny Khaji move up based on how he’s measured and timed. And he’s a legit face up four and can do some of the stretching things West does. Problem is he’s 25. However this late in the first round, and for a team this good, I’m not sure that’s a negative. If you believe the guy can play, you take him. We’ve seen the Pacers surprise before, although this isn’t the exact same regime. Last year Miles Plumlee was a surprise. I’m gonna guess an off the board shocker and say they go with Khaji. They’re good enough to draft and stash, but they could do that second round if they want too.
What I would do: Tony Mitchell - Generally I feel like this section is the more gamble oriented side, but in this case I’m guessing the team will gamble, and I’d play closer to the board and go with Mitchell. A physical 6-9 with a big wingspan and some ball skills. Why it hasn’t translated, who knows, but this team is physical, and Mitchell fits that mold, weather West is with them or not next year. I’d also consider Isiah Canon as a change of pace for that backup PG spot behind Hill.

24) New York Knicks:
What I think will happen: Jeff Withey - God this roster is horrid for a second seed. Everyone on the roster is a one way player, or useless. If Crabbe or Bullock were still here I think they’d play to their philosophy and just grab another shooter and make the pieces fit later, but the shooters are gone. The highest rated players are Saric here, and left on the both boards would be Withey, who’s slipped in no small part because I don’t like him, and I suppose they Knicks could view him as a passable defensive option when Chandler is out. The place would not be happy, but it would actually make some sense in terms of fit and value. They could maybe argue Saric is another Galinari, which would just be a lie because of the shooting, but an oversized stretch three wouldn’t hurt if you’re gonna play Melo at the four for the foreseeable future. They could also just take a flier on the physical skills of Steven Adams. I don’t see Tony Mitchell as someone they’d want, because he’s a pure four, and they seem committed to playing Carmelo there.
What I would do: Withey - In addition to what I’ve pointed out above, I also still have Franklin, as a real first round graded guy on my board, but with the way this team is built around shooting spread around Carmelo, I just don’t see Franklin fitting. I’d probably go Withey too and hope he could challenge shots for ten minutes a night. He will not be a popular choice. I still have Bullock hanging around, and would have to give serious thought about that.

25) Los Angeles Clippers:
What I think will happen: Archie Goodwin - Obviously what matters here is Chris Paul’s future, but for the purposes of this, it has no impact at all, mainly because there’s nothing that could be done here to help or hurt that status. Even they have to be starting to realize that Jordan may not be an ideal fit. And they can use help on both wings. I’m guessing they’d dip back into that Kentucky pedigree that landed them Eric Bledsoe and tag Archie Goodwin here. This would be considered a slip for him by most people. I’m not crazy about him. He’s kinda got some PG in him, not as good a shooter as advertised, and physically he’s fast and aggressive, but not the level of athlete as was sold on. Poythress woulda gone higher had he come out.
What I would do: Jamaal Frankin – I’m not crazy about this fit. Paul doesn’t seem to want to play at an accelerated pace all the time. But he would like Franklin’s toughness and energy and willingness to guard. Franklin could be the type who can guard all three perimeter spots, and give Paul a break on the ball, while allowing him to gamble in the passing lanes even more, which he likes to do. Paul would probably not appreciate being doubled off the guy since he can’t shoot, but he’s an active cutter and could still make that work. He’s a really good value here. Most of the other options are PFs, which seems pretty well sewn up here, but CJ Leslie’s combo stretch play at his size could work next to Blake.

26) Minnesota Timberwolves.:
What I think will happen: Tim Hardaway Jr. - I guessed they’d go in the lottery with Gobert as a stash big with most of the legit wings gone except for Mohammad, who’s way too much of a ball stopper for a team like them to take him. They’d be looking SG here for sure, but there’s not a ton of help. It’s not entirely their fault. No one else was there. Things did not fall well for them. The wings are all gone. I’ll guess they’ll go for another with a reach, and take Tim Hardaway Jr. Hardaway looked good physically at the combine, and there seems to be a groundswell of logic that he should get credit for accepting a reduced role on a team loaded with pro prospects, not unlike last year’s Kentucky crop, that saw Doron Lamb get held in high regard for people believing he could do more than he showed. If I didn’t think they’d get killed for stashing two players in one draft, I’da guessed they’dve gone Saric, or even stabbed at Alex Abrines, who’s a foreign SG who seems tobe be getting really good press of late as a young draft and stash kid.

What I would do: CJ Leslie - The board fell better for me the GM up top, and I got Olidipo to fill my wing spot for the next 4 years. So now I can feel free to grab a development big here to prepare for the Vucevic Love decisions to come. I could go Adams and hope he can replace Vucevic and I can let him walk to max out Love. But Love may walk regardless of money. My choice is CJ Leslie. I can go small with Love at Center and Leslie at PF and really open the floor with two bigs who can shoot it and handle it a little.
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