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Default Re: 'Now they see us' on Netflix - one of the best shows

Originally Posted by Draz
They were kids, kids do stupid shit

lol gtfoh .. kids know right from wrong .. are they just kids too if they break into your house and rape and murder your daughter ? lol being kids means shit .. you shouldn't be absolved of shit because you're not '18' ffs .. swinging metal pipes at peoples' heads is some violent, disturbing shit .. that's basically attempted murder(if you don't end up killing them which is a good possibility) ..

that reminds me of this case where this child, I believe he was 12 at the time or around that age, killed his pregnant mom .. they held him as a juvenile for a little while and then released him .. years later he raped and killed this lady who he knew .. I think it was a family member .. an aunt but I'm not sure .. that little boy should have never been let out into society after he did that to his mother ..that little fker had the devil inside him and it never left

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