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Originally Posted by GOBB
Pretty bad? You're being too kind. I'm still lost at how terrible this show ended. Who wrote this DonDadda?

Series should have ended with the Trinity killer. Rita death, deb finding out who Dexter was and an ending is what should have took place. After that season this show has been so spotty. This season was a joke and the ending wow.

How did he survive driving into the storm? Swam back? Never mind don't even attempt to explain.

I agree. The Trinity Killer season was so good. And it followed a couple lesser seasons in my mind. It was like the perfect bounce back.

One of the issues to me was that each season had it's moments, that made it just good enough to not give up. For me this season was those first few weeks when Deb was breaking down. She was great.

I was fully expecting Dex, Hannah, and the kid to run off to Brazil. Deb dieing was sort of their stab at shock value, but it didn't help anything. I don't think Dex needed to die for it to work. I was sort of hoping for a Dex and Hannah realize they can't control their urges, and decide to go, but have to leave the kid with Deb thing. Or maybe have Deb have the chance to arrest Vogel, but instead she kills him out of rage, and after Dex takes off, have her realize she's got the drive in her too. Imply that maybe Harry had something off kilter in him, and that he somehow subconciously nurtured it down to them over the years, just more overtly to Dex. That would've tied Harry into the ending too. Something. Almost anything would've been better than what we got.

It's still better than Ray Donovan.
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