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Default Re: NBL, Canadian Basketball League, to start with seven teams

Interesting choices for locations. I do realize some of those teams are leftover from the old North American league but I really can't see this league turning a profit or drawing any big names playing in towns of less than 100K people like Moncton and Saint John. For this league to be viable they may have to use the model used in lower European leagues where the players get day jobs through the sponsors.

It is exciting that Canadians don't have to go to Europe anymore (though I am sure the better players still will), and that there will be more jobs for domestic players, but unfortunately, I do not see this league working.

There are no West Coast teams (probably to save on travel), so the league is a very regional league in many senses.

Calling this a 'Canadian' basketball league is a bit of a stretch as 4 of the 7 teams are from the Maritimes, a sparsely populated, lower income, often overlooked region of the country (no Hate, I know this because I am from there).

I'd feel better about this league if the franchises were in NHL or CFL cities.
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