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Default Re: Official Grand Theft Auto IV thread

Originally Posted by GOBB
Is it the projects? I think thats it....patience is key...use the cover system. Use the option where u press RB where it has you press up against a wall, then press the aim buttom. You'll automatically lock onto the bad guy around the corner. Keep advancing to the top...i usually crotch down and slow walk it up the steps holding the aim button so it'll lock on the first bad guy in my sights.

You gotta go to the top of the roof then you decide to kill or let dude live. The hard part is going back down...again more patience. Its tough because once u get to the top, you gotta go back down where cops are waiting.

Thats why dating Kiki might be helpful to lower ur wanted level.

I think this is the mission. I know there is another where you're in a building with bad guys. This is a hotel tho.
Thanks. Patience is usually my weak spot, I'm way too eager and want to get things done quick.
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