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Default Re: Things Players in Pickup Games Do That Annoy You

I play in England...

-Everyone runs 2-3 zone. Some german guys came to my gym last week and INSISTED on running a 3-2... I have no idea.
- You always inbound - you never check the ball.
- If you shoot from halfcourt when at least 2 of your players are behind mid-court, you get 1 point for shooting and 9 points if it goes in.
- Im jk about the last one.

2-3 zone in pickup is ridiculous in my American playing.
As for Korean ball, I think the everyone being nice court-change rule and the players in jeans/track suits is pretty funny.

How about oc players throwing bows and shoulders who think their wildness is somehow 1.good/a skill 2.within the rules of basketball.
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