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Default Isnt Kobe kindof exaggerating?

When people (critics, fans, analysts etc. including me) narrated that Kobe is not supposed to take 30 FGA with this team/roster and that he should try to get his teammates involved/create for his teammates more frequently they dont mean that he should take only 10 FGA.... They dont mean that this team literally does NOT need his scoring at all and that he should only pass the ball...

They mean that Kobe should pass when he should and score when he should... just make the right play....

The Lakers are winning and Kobes change of mindset right now, i love it..... it proves my (and many others) old point on how Kobe should acommodate himself for this team to be more successful and that unselfish game he is playing right now is my exact type of acquired taste in a player........... but my point here is i think the Lakers would be even more successful if he would combine both of these traits (scoring/passing) and that it could even hurt the Lakers in the long run if he does not... I mean he is taking only ~10 FGA now 3 games in a row (by his standards thats just abnormal) and by majority just forcing the pass to an extent i never seen him do before... it cant be good when he turns down so many of his deadly efficient routine scoring opportunities just to... i dont know, prove a point? or am i wrong?

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