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Default Thibs. what the Hell...

He's a good coach, one of the best in the league, but that is mainly on the back of his defensive schemes.

His rotations, player management and minute distribution to players I'd argue is one of the worst in the league.

For example, today's game we were down by 9 so what does he do? He brings in an offensively challenged Kirk Hinrich. What is the logic behind that?

I have been harping on about Thibs playing Rose and Brooks together for stretches in a game. Particularly when our offense gets a bit stagnant.

Why can't we see some play where Mirotic plays at the 3? Going further, why wasn't this happening when Gibson was healthy if it was an issue of being thin for big men off the bench?

Makes no sense.

I understand that McDermott has being playing like ass lately, but surely we could try and play him in the starting lineup a game or two? See if he gains confidence playing alongside players who can cover his shortcomings or even release him into space?

Second year Snell has been copping it hard also. I understand he might up a few defensive sets here and there, but he hasn't looked terrible either. Why not play him a steady 15-20 minutes every game for 10 games and see if he improves? I've seen some excellent man defense played by him before, surely he can add to that with some confidence.

I saw too much penetration from Ellis in the Dallas game, why wasn't Thibs instructing his big men to protect the hoop and at least contest the shot? I saw Gasol just stand there and watch over and over again. So fustrating.

Some excellent pick and pop, pick and roll plays today, but our defensive intensity was not consistent enough and not for long enough. Nobody helping out, nobody closing out the penetrators.

That's my rant, I'm just tired of seeing Thibs hold back the potential of this team a bit. Great defensive philosophies that has made Bulls elite on defense, but everything else not so good...I think a really good offensive assistant coach could really help.

Someone needs to tell Thibs to give Butler more rest too. Perhaps play McDermott or Snell some more minutes...
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