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Default Re: FINISHING AT THE RIM using Athletic ability

Originally Posted by Swaggin916
So you are saying Nate Robinson has minimal athletic ability? He is 185 and is only a little over 5'7. Jameer Nelson is listed at 6'0 (but he ain't no 6'0) and he is 190. Ty Lawson is 5'11 195... I think these guys can move just fine.

I'm not talking about eating a bunch of double cheeseburgers and gain 40 pounds of fat, but getting in the gym and gaining some muscle. He will get thrown around at 145... that is way to skinny. He can probably be about 165 and be alright, but most people who play basketball are skinny and at 5'10 185 you are a little freight train. I know this... I am 5'11 195 (not fat) and use it to my advantage.

Yea I wanted to bulk up and stuff but it will harm my athletic ability so Im going to wait till next offseason. I have seen skinny people get into the lane and finish well with acrobatic layups AI, Brandon jennings, Kevin Durant, most of the HS ballers. How do they do it they are not even that built up.
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