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Default Re: whois the hotter sister?

Originally Posted by KDTrey5
Kim Kardasian - Khloe Kardasian
Kim Kardasian - Kourtney Kardasian
Khloe Kardasian - Kourtney Kardasian
Jessica Simpson - Ashlee Simpson
Paris Hilton - Nicky Hilton
Venus Williams - Serena Williams neither
Penelope Cruz - Monica Cruz
Emily Deschanel - Zooey Deschanel
Kylie Minogue - Dannii Minogue
Beyonce Knowles - Solange Knowles
Jenny McCarthy - Amy McCarthy
Haylie Duff - Hilary Duff
Britney Spears - Jamie-Lynn Spears
Wynonna Judd - Ashley Judd
Sienna Miller - Savannah Miller
Kate Middleton - Pippa Middleton
Peaches Geldof - Pixie Geldof
Kate Mara - Rooney Mara
Patricia Arquette - Rosanna Arquette
Kendall Jenner - Kylie Jenner

bold the hotter sister

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