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Default Game One loss is on Draymond

His play throuhout the game was down right terrible and disgusting. He focused on getting his points instead of setting up the offense and calming things down. Several instances where he should have set up the offense of pass the ball to an open man but he just sprinted into adams into a shitty contested brick of a layup.

Misleading to say the loss is only on him. Kerr needs to reign the team back in. He is being way too free with everyone. If he has to be an asshole for them to get their Ish back together then, so be it. Ezeli looked like a deer in headlights.
They didn't give Steph the ball and he should be more careful and keep his turn overs down.

Overall lots of things to take away from this. But, This loss is on Dray. He should not be scoring 23 points on 20 shots while ignoring Steph.

That said. I have full faith in the Warriors and The Coaches to make adjustments and come out with hunger for the rest of the series for 48minutes.

I don't usually make shitty predictive threads but, DUBZ in 6 . Ride till I die.

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