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Default Re: I have a kidney donor!

Originally Posted by Meticode
If you didn't have a kidney donor what was the worse expect outcome they projected you?

Well, I have already been on peritoneal dialysis for about a month. Being on dialysis for an extended amount of time is not really good for you. There is an increased risk of infections, weight gain and related health issues would be expected, easy to get hernias, and ultimately dialysis is not as effective as kidneys so your health just gets worse and worse (somebody who lives on dialysis full term has their life expectancy cut in about half). I've also had several painful but benign side effects of the dialysis, including a nerve issue at my diaphragm that made it feel like I dislocated my right shoulder. The alternative to no dialysis or transplant is complete kidney shut down which would kill me.

Additionally, the timing of this was important for my education. I'm starting an internship mid-July (more like beginning of September now) to complete my doctorate in psychology, but if my surgery overlapped even more with my internship, it could greatly effect the hours necessary for licensure. My doctors and I were just recently entertaining the idea of putting a transplant on hold for a year so I could finish my school while I just stayed on dialysis for a year.

Thanks for all the positive comments.
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