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Default Re: What's your longest drought?

Originally Posted by Just2McFly
I'm curious.

Right now I have been without the box for three days, but my longest time boxless after losing my virginity was probably a month. I waited a long time to have sex, but since then I've been sort of addicted. People posting porn here doesn't help either.

I want to hear the funny desperation stories that seems to occur when you've gone without it for so long you can't stand it. Plowking, correct me if I'm wrong on anything and feel free to share most of what I've told you because I can't remember shit right now.

I'm about 2 months in right now, longest since I've lost my virginity is probably 4? months. Sometimes I'll get 3 new girls over 2 weeks, sometimes I'll get nothing for a few months. I wish I knew what I was doing when I was having success, but after I've been around for 30 years it still feels like dumb luck any time i get laid

The only drought story I can remember was after a long ass drought I met this girl and after catching up a couple of times, she said she'd drop over to mine after she went out. So that was pretty much green light, I passed out on the couch waiting for her to come round, missed all her calls and didn't hear her knocking on my door. She was furious and had to get a cab home. It took some work to come back from that, but in the end managed to break the drought!

Oh one more thing about the current drought, most of my friends think it's up around 5 months, since I've slept with one of the girls in our group we've both had to pretend it never happened.

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