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Default Re: NBA’s one-and-done rule draws mixed reviews

Originally Posted by Phenith
As much as I PERSONALLY would prefer players with some post high school basketball experience, these guys are adults who have millionaires willing to invest in them, there is no reason they should be restricted from going to the League from a human rights perspective.
Why does the league get to say an adult can't play when has a team willing to invest in his future?
Don't get me wrong, most of them benefit greatly from at least a year in college and the teams get to see how they respond to an increase in opposition skill level, but if I was one of these high school guys being told I can play pro almost anywhere in the world, except the NBA (until I play 1 year after high school), I wouldn't be happy.
Honestly, I am surprised we haven't seen more Brandon Jennings situations where player would rather earn some good cash than try to prove themselves all over again in college.
lot of those top 10 guys out of high school don't mind the year in college as oppose to playing overseas . Overseas u have to worry bout getting paid on time ,lot of the vets on the team treat u like a kid or different because u from here in America unless u got vets from America,possibly worrying bout explosives getting thrown at u,kidnappings, war breaking out etc..In college ,most of the guys get paid in advance ,get all the pussy u can take,have ur teammates sweat u everyday ,be the BMOC ..etc..maybe not on par with a 2 yr/1.2 mil contract with a Italian league but u get rented for a year and the extra benefits .
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